Nestled in the remaining parts of the Medway Brewery, our distillery produces gin and will soon be making a genever-style spirit too.


To create our spirits we currently use a small copper still which produces about 90 bottles per run. Because the scale of our production is so small we are able to distil very slowly. This allows us to find clear cuts during the course of the distillation, resulting in the final distillate tasting just how we like it.


Our gin is made with pure neutral spirit with ten botanicals added. We use a one shot method with no steeping before distillation commences. Our Maidstone Hollands will use the same ten botanicals but the base spirit will be made from fermenting and distilling malted barley, corn and rye. This blend produces a malt wine which will be distilled in batches along with our botanical mix. Kentish water, which has filtered through the chalky North Downs, is used to dilute our gin down to bottling strength of 42% abv and our Maidstone Hollands will be diluted to 41.5% abv (the same strength as the original Maidstone Hollands from the 1780s). Bottling happens on site with every bottle being labelled and numbered by hand.





Keeping watch over the distillery is Gaspard, our little aos sí – attention, he sometimes plays tricks if you ignore him!


Please note: Due to the busy production schedule, the distillery is only open to the public for ticketed events

on selected dates. Please CLICK HERE for details.




The distillery is tiny but will be open to the public on selected dates. At other times you can buy from the online shop.

The online shop has our four core gin expressions, plus there's a range of gift boxes perfect for any gin lover.

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