At the distillery we currently produce gin. From next year we shall also be making Maidstone Hollands (genever-style spirit) with Gazle Wine (blackcurrant liqueur) following after.

Maiden Distillery Gin - Maidstone Gin



Our gin is made by distilling neutral spirit with a number of traditional botanicals.


The gin is fresh and bright, bursting with flavour, slightly sweeter than some London Dry’s. Our gin isn’t Old Tom in style as no sugar is added after distillation, the sweetness comes directly from the sweet botanicals which are added to the still, namely marshmallow root and meadowsweet. This sweetness, along with zingy cardamom and coriander and the bright, piny flavours of juniper give our gin a lovely complex, yet rounded, flavour.


Our gin makes a great Tom Collins, an exquisite French 75 and a rather delicious Negroni.


Botanicals: Juniper, coriander seed, angelica, cardamon, meadowsweet, marshmallow root, orris root, cassia bark, liquorice root & orange peel.


(Due to the high oil content in our chosen botanicals, this gin will louche on dilution. Don't be concerned, be enchanted as the white maiden awakens in your glass.)


Available in 700ml glass bottles, 42% abv